Susie O’Neill reveals Why it’s ok to take “me” time

When you spend such a large portion of your life training for and participating in competitive sport, you tend not to spend time thinking about anything other than how you’re going to top your personal best. I found that becoming a mum had a similar effect, except constant thoughts about beating your PB are replaced with constant thoughts about whether your kids are safe, fed and watered.

Needless to say, most of my life up until this point has been spent focusing on things other than skin care regime. And the truth is, for a lot of that time I’ve felt too guilty to give it too much focus thanks to the perceived “vanity” that comes with the skin-health and wellness industry, and the beauty obsession women at my stage of life seem to be buying into.

That was until I became the face of Artisan Aesthetic Clinics. I’ve written in a previous blog post why I chose to become the face of Artisan, about how skin care had never been high on my priority list, and that when I finally did experience what Artisan Clinics had to offer, I wasn’t as intimidated as I had always expected I would be, all in all, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience.
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My Tailored treatment plan

Since my first visit to Artisan I’ve been working through my tailored treatment plan and am well on my way to achieving my goals (and am absolutely thrilled with the outcomes). But the benefits go far beyond the compliments on my refreshed looking complexion, I’ve realised that taking some time out for myself isn’t about vanity at all; it’s about sanity!

How I restore balance

I know a lot of parents who don’t prioritise their own needs, but the reality is, it’s hard to be the best version of yourself when you’re feeling worn down and like you haven’t had a moment to yourself for six months. Thanks to my journey with Artisan, I now believe that a facial once a month really does help to restore that balance, particularly when you get to experience one of the luxurious Artisan Clinics, and some of that delicious herbal tea.

How to look and feel your best

I’ve also come to realise that when you’re in the hands of professionals like you are at Artisan, you can choose to use that precious me time to deliver an outcome that is going to leave you feeling your absolute best, be it immediately or after a short amount of downtime. The doctors, nurses and dermal therapists really know how to get the desired result; if there’s something I love, it’s ticking relaxation and a result off the list simultaneously.

Feeling completely confident in yourself feels (at times) as though it is a never ending journey, but I’m pleased to say I’m getting closer to that point as I invest in my skin and realise I can be the priority from time to time; and there’s no shame in that.