Less is More – The Art Of Facial Enhancement

In life, you generally like to see an obvious return on investment. But that’s not always the case when the investment is in your appearance.

Dr Andreas Fox, who boasts an Oxford education, a background in plastic and aesthetic surgery and more than 20 years’ experience consulting among London’s best hospitals, believes the best results are those which are almost imperceptible.

“Of course, the client can notice a change, and in turn, that has a huge impact on their self-confidence. But the best work is that which is not obvious. I always aim for natural, youthful and subtle changes and I definitely recommend a staged approach.”

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Dr Fox specialises in non-surgical aesthetic rejuvenation of the face–specifically facial cosmetic injectables.“I decided to focus exclusively on non-surgical facial aesthetics two years ago for a number of reasons. While it is enormously rewarding to reconstruct, rebuild and return someone to pre-morbidity function and aesthetics, cosmetic work can rebuild someone’s self-confidence and can also be tremendously empowering.”

Dr Fox said the past five years had seen enormous advances in the techniques and demand for non-surgical options.

“Patients do not want the downtime or the price tag; the most common requests I have are for anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler.”

With these requests, Dr Fox takes the opportunity to educate patients on the importance of caring for their top layer of skin—often referring them to one of Artisan’s expert dermal therapists.

“No matter what I can do with the muscle or soft underlying tissue, if the top layer of skin is not cared for, the results are less than they could be.”

As part of their consultation, clients are taken through the importance of a targeted skin-care regime using Artisan’s preferred skincare lines of Rationale and Ultraceuticals. Better skincare leads to better results—with or without further interventions.

“Part of my work is to consult closely with my clients and to marry their expectations with my expertise. The vast majority of clients know what they want but are not sure how to get there. They value honesty and an expert opinion.

“Facial rejuvenation should be natural and subtle. It should always be controlled. The best part is that even the most minor intervention can provide a huge enhancement effect.”

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This article was published in Her Canberra on the 28th of August 2019.